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What We Stand For

Mission and Vision

It is the mission of the American Distilled Spirits Alliance (ADSA) to ensure the safe and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverage products through a well-regulated marketplace.

The American Distilled Spirits Alliance (ADSA) supports distribution of alcoholic beverages through both the three-tier, control state system as envisioned by the 21st Amendment (repealed Prohibition on December 5, 1933) and in those states that have since moved away from a control state system to an open system.

The complexity and dynamism of state, federal and international law requires that the Alliance continually review new spirits-focused legislation and regulatory changes and assess their implications upon Alliance membership. Key areas include control states, privatization, distribution, trade practices, taxation and differentiation of alcohol type (wine vs. beer vs. spirits).

As the federal and state government seek new sources for revenue, “sin taxes” are a popular source to drive both revenue and social responsibility. Prevention of new taxes and reduction of existing taxes continue to be in the best interests of investment in a growing industry, but require an active lobbying presence, especially given the accelerating shift towards increasing government-funded pro-social programs (healthcare, education, housing).

Core Values

Champion the Spirits Industry

Raise visibility of ADSA and spirits industry with highly influential groups.

Fair treatment as compared to other regulated recreational consumables.

Defend against the demonization of spirits.

Champion the Consumer

Protect consumer safety, choice, and access.

Advocate for transparency in labeling and marketing.

Promote Social Responsibility

Champion Appropriate Regulatory Environment

Promote efficient and effective regulatory enforcement.

Support the 21st amendment, including state empowerment and three-tier system.

Advocate for adequate resources at state and federal level